Beverly Naya recently asked her fans on instagram to  post their coolest pictures, tell her about themselves and give her two reasons why she should pick them to hang out with her over lunch using the hash tag #LunchWithNaya. While some thought it was just one of those “hash tag” competitions that never really get to materialize, others believed in her, engaged in the conversation and were lucky to be chosen among the 20 lucky fans that hung out with Beverly on Saturday, 13th of August 2016 at Pataya Oriental Restaurant, Lagos. It was a very fun and memorable weekend and was completely worth it especially for Godwin who came all the way from Owerri just to hang out with Beverly. Fans got to wine and dine with her, interact with her, ask her questions, take pictures and give her gifts. A generous fan even made a beautiful painting of Beverly!

Click here to see photos from the competition and the event.

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